Need a professional forum for your website??
Don't have a database or do not want to waste time to set it up??
No problem!!

New super advanced version of phpBB is completely customizable.

Newbox (Full Newsboard, with possible neck vertical to new forum announce)
Flash Chat (Super Live Chat with selectable graphics)
Blog (Complete blog with ability to insert videos from YouTube or other sites)
Photo Gallery (With functions of automatic slideshow with effects and watermarks for photos)
Toplist (Very complete Top 100 for members of the forum)
Guestbook (A full guestbook with ability to insert smiles)
Section Link (Users can bring the simple link of your site in this section)
Download Section (Can upload files up to 2 megabytes or larger insert external links)
Other new features:
Forum Password
Forum redirect to external sites
Spoiler tags
Center Junior Admin
Recent topics
Logging operations restraint to control the activities of Admin, Junior Admin and Moderators
Control panel users with all the detailed info
Viewed in the full panel and the profile of users
Titles of topic colored
Description of topic colored
Smiles in the titles of topics
Additional icons that surround the topic
Bookmark the topic
Karma for users (such as feedback on ebay)
Opportunity to vote posts users
Post titles stained with fast selection of color with the colorpicker
Description of post
Random smiles for displaying casual smiles right of the page to insert a topic or post
Complete statistics
Forum Ability to add custom fields to user profiles
Friends List
Possibility to insert a picture in your profile
Ability to create colored groups with the group avatar
Ability to create colorful levels with the level
avatar Gender selection users
Choose your nation flag
Portal with improved ability to view the shoutbox and Newsbox
Possibility to choose the Portal homepage forums as
Watch Flash Portal
Control clones in the admin panel that shows the users who use the same IP
Opportunity to see users IP in the admin panel
Mod meeting, to report events or meetings in the forum homepage
Detection of bots of search engines with possibility of adding new
Indication of users who have visited the forum in the last 24 hours
Legend of groups and levels
RSS Feed
United Features already present in the previous version:
ShoutBox (Tagboard)
EzPortal (Portal)
Wide selection of graphical templates editable
Rapid insertion of the logo
Creating galleries of avatars
Inserting endless smiles
Inserting images in messages and attachments
Calendar with indication of birthdays
Quick response
And many more ...

All you need do is register and we'll host your forum staff full-featured, but without any effort for you.


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